Tō (east) kyō (capital) Part 2

So here’s the Part 2 or the Volume 2 (like Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 which currently in cinemas)


Another shoot taken from Zōjō-ji temple 😛

Alright I promised you this is gonna be the last time I mentioned about Zōjō-ji!

So, let’s forget our journey to one of the most exciting red light district in the world last night (for those who confused about what am I talking about, there’s a category just beside this post that said Japan, click on it and you will get that 😀 cheers)


Sayonara Shinjuku!

So let me ask you question, what do comes on your mind when you hear about Japan? Well for me it’s sushi! For you who did not have any idea what sushi is.. Well sorry guys can’t help 😦  Google images will help you tho :)) As I promised you that I will not talk anything about food (coz it’s the material for my other Djournal) So, why I did I mentioned about sushi? coz it was related to one of the place I want to share with you. Yup, well some of you probably guessing it right. It’s the Tsukiji Market. Actually there’s nothing you can see here. If you been to fisherman wharf of San Fransisco or Seattle’s Pike Place Market that’s Tsukiji Market. Well for you who haven’t got any chance to visit any of that location I mentioned which is in the US, it’s a local market but packed with tourist and it’s selling a lot of sea products. The difference about Tsukiji Fish Market compare to those two was it’s more ‘traditional’ (please be noted since we are in one of the most well developed country in the world that world traditional doesn’t refer to the real traditional) or maybe we can say it’s more local but still packed with tourist since early in the morning (coz that’s when the fish auction begin)

(Please be noted that this picture below might seems inappropriate for some of you, it is not mean that I was supporting the ‘slaughter’ of the living creature, it’s just to show you how it does looks like)


Tuna’s auction early in the morning

So, for you who did not wish to witness this then my advice will be go there later in the morning or during mid day. Why? Coz I told you it’s like Fisherman Wharf of SF or Seattle’s Pike Place market! They sell a lot of Japanese food (yup including fresh sushi) and they also had many little food stall just outside the market. From the Whale ice cream (please don’t asked me whether it’s a real whale coz that’s what they write on the board) up to the grill unagi on the stick. For those who have no idea what am I talking about from ‘sushi’ up to the ‘unagi’, well I can explained you the letter (unagi means eel) so if you were looking for a great sushi be sure to check this place out. Mostly it will be more cheaper compare to the famous sushi restaurant in downtown and beside at least you know they were using the fresh fish! Oh, and one more advice you might see some of the restaurant had a long line, while some of it almost empty seated. My advice will be go for the almost empty seated! The one that had a long line it’s probably because they were advertised it online or have English menu so it had a long line. As we all know since sushi’s main ingredients was sea products, so the main importance things about sushi (beside the rice) is the freshness of it’s main ingredients. So all the sushi shop main ingredients here came from the same source which is the fish market itself. So my advice will be brace yourself and go for the local!!!

So after you finished your time exploring this awesome fish market, let’s head up to one of the most exciting part of Japan (which also feature in a lot of Hollywood movies such as Fast and Furious)


One of Shibuya crossing

Well, you probably guess it right again! It’s Shibuya. If you were still looking for shopping that this is the place to be! Even if you weren’t either!!! Coz nowdays people come to Shibuya just to witness the crossings of hundreds of people at the same time. So you will find a lot of tourist in the side of the street waiting when the crossing sign turned up green with their camera on, as well as those who wanted to take some awesome selfie. Just please do keep in mind to your own safety since this was a highway intersection.


Another crossing in front the famous 109

Shibuya also had 3 big intersections, so you can go to either of it. Nevertheless the biggest one was the one nearby the Hachikō Statue. For those who wondering about Hachikō, it was a faithful dog whose watching his deceased owner for more than 9 years! The story became worldwide known up to the Hollywood which starred by Richard Gere! As I told you earlier from my Djournal I will skip all the history lesson (eventho I was really tempted to give you some history lesson LOL) So if you want to know more about Hachi (that’s how Gere called him in the movie) There’s google for you.

FYI I didn’t took any picture of Hachikō due to a lot of tourist pose for selfie there, so my advice will be either go there early in the morning or late past midnight. Coz Shibuya it’s like New York Times Square! It never sleep at all. But to satisfy your curiosity about that statue here’s the pict of it from google (I didn’t really know when they took this but it does really nice, compare to the one I witnessed which is a super packed crowd that circling around this statue with their mobile phone, go pro, slr, or everything they had)


Hachi statue stand proudly at the Hachikō Square, Shibuya St

Yup! You read it right they even named it Hachikō Square!

Alright, after finished your satisfy to oversaw one of the crowded crossing movement in the world and fulfill your appetite for shopping it’s also kinda fun to check out the Shibuya nightlife. Coz Shibuya is one of the main entertainment district here in Tokyo! So it does packed with club as well. Although it’s not as big as kabukicho (in term of the nightlife entertainment) but for me it does still offer you a lot of fun as well and it’s less crowded as well. Coz most of the tourist concentration were the shopping mall, the shibuya crossing and Hachikō. It did not have a lot of young man that offering you Japanese girl (like the one I wrote about at the first part of this Djournal). It does actually had a lot of gorgeous yet cute young girl who try to attract visitor’s attention to the club they work for! So, it will be a fun strolling night tho! 😀

PS: Not to be sexism, but the thing is here you will feel more comfortable coz they did not keep offering you girl, girl and girl like those young man did at Kabukicho. They just standing there and look for your attention, that’s it!


One of the entertainment corner of Shibuya

That’s how you enjoy Shibuya, it’s one of the biggest entertainment area in Tokyo just remember to bring your money :))

So, let’s forget about entertainment for a while and let’s head up to (also) one of my favorite area which is: strolling around Asakusa!


You can see the in ‘between’ by strolling around Asakusa area

Well, I always love a place where I can saw the ‘in between’. What does that even mean man?! That’s mean I love to see a modernization x old tradition. Like this picture I took above. So strolling around Asakusa really satisfy my appetite for photo hunting. If you been to The Bund, Shanghai then that’s how you picture Asakusa. There’s two area which separated by a big river, the other side you can oversee the majestic Tokyo Skytree (please be advice that this is not Tokyo Tower) while the opposite side you can enjoy old Japan either by ride a rickshaw, so you can really experienced the local or strolling around by foot. Since I don’t have any partner to accompany me, I will always prefer by foot coz that’s how I experienced local things. The main attraction of Asakusa will always be Sensō-ji temple. Especially their super huge lantern!


The huge lantern at one of it’s complex gate

The picture above is not the gate of Sensō-ji temple. It’s just the gate to it’s super huge complex! Or Nakamise street. Ohhh, Nakamise street if I could recall my memory there, I really love that street! It’s always packed with tourist but it does offer you many things about Japan! From the local delicacy up to the many kind of souvenirs! Trust me by many kind I mean it’s really-really so many things to choose. My advice will be go deeper to buy your souvenir. I found out the store that close to the gate had pricier price compare to the store that located deeper. Eventho you see something so cute, only 1 left and you think you might not gonna find it, just stay calm and keep going on! (coz that’s what I do and I get what I want with more cheaper price as I keep browse thru store and store.) But there’s one store nearby the gate that sell a lot of cute yet unique keychain so without  any hesitation I just grab a couple of it and it turns out to be a good call coz I didn’t go thru the same route on my way back and more importantly I can’t found any other store that sell so many kind of unique keychain like that store 😀

How about the local delicacy? Well you will find a lot of local delicacy, but most of it were snacks or sweet delicacy and you will find one of the best Taiyaki ever! Trust me, if it’s not one of the best then i’m pretty sure it will still at least be nominated to be one of the best 😛 What is Taiyaki and how come I was so sure it was one of the best Taiyaki ever?! To answer your question, well it will be later in a different Djournal 😛


My selfie 😛 in front of the gate of Sensō-ji temple with IPhone 7Plus portrait mode, well it does gave you some great in depth effect for your selfie

First of all a big pardon for my selfie! I try to find the proper image to picture you the gate of Sensō-ji temple, too bad can’t find it 😦 So if you think the lantern at the gate of Nakamise street is big enough wait until you see the the lantern of Sensō-ji temple gate which is in the picture above. You can take a selfie under it, in front of it or whenever you want just keep in mind during windy time it does could knock you down. Last but least it’s not the last huge lantern you will see


Another ‘not so huge’ lantern in front of the entrance to the temple itself

So, there’s another ‘not so huge’ lantern located just in front of the entrance to the temple itself. This ancient temple was actually really great but it’s always packed with people, since the nakamise street itself was one of the main tourist attraction in Asakusa area. So no matter what time you came here it will always packed with people, unless probably early in the morning or at least after most of the shops were closed at Nakamise street.

So, after you finished strolling around the old town of Asakusa it’s time for you to explore the modernization at the other side.


The picture of the opposite of the river which is clearly show you the different side of Asakusa

Please do not pay attention to that random guy in the picture, I know it’s kinda disturbing 😦

Well that was what lies in the opposite side of the old asakusa with only separated by Sumida River. I know it was still a far cry from the The Bund Shanghai but at least you got the picture right? :)) If you want to take Tokyo Cruise, then you should came here coz this is their start point. So, how to go across that river or to taste what you called as modernization?? Well, the easiest way to be just go to Asakusa Station then get the Tobu Skytree Line. although it’s just a regular metro train, but the Skytree Line will offer you some panoramic view of the river so it was also worth a ride 🙂 and it’s only cost you ¥150JPY per person (as this is just a regular metro train). The Skytree Line will take you right to the Tokyo Skytree station.


Tokyo Skytree

Finally here we are at the bottom of the majestic Tokyo Skytree! So, after you get off the train, just head exit to the Tokyo Sky Tree. You will enter a big shopping mall (TOKYO Solamachi) which kinda nice! It has a lot of store, restaurant and they also have a lot of Toy Store here from Hello Kitty up to the Disney. The ticket counter will be at the 4th floor. They have two choices here, fast pass or the regular one. The regular one will cost you about ¥2,000JPY it will take you up to the Tembo Deck (floor 350); while an extra ¥1,030JPY will take you up to the Tembo Galleria (floor 450). Meanwhile the fastpass gonna give you the advantage to skip the line for almost double the price which gonna cost you ¥3,000JPY and it will take you up to the floor 350; while you can also get a combo (floor 350+450) for slightly cheaper price at ¥4,000JPY. While you were there, there’s also an alternative attraction located at the 4th floor as well, Sumida Aquarium. For me I will actually prefer to go to the Sumida Aquarium unless the weather was really nice. The Sumida Aquarium didn’t really have any line and you can see their cute penguin there, while if you go up to the Tokyo Skytree and the weather is not that good then it’s just a waste of money (however, this is only my opinion coz I love to take a picture and for me weather is my best friend) We skip the chance to go up to the Tokyo Skytree because the weather was not really good that day.

After a day well spent at the Asakusa area you will probably asking where to go next or for having dinner? Well there’s Ameyoko Market which located just across the Ueno Station and it’s just 3 stops away from Asakusa Station. You might need to know that most of the shopping street or food street in Japan usually close early compare to most of the country. most of the store at Nakamise Street will close at 5pm (but there will be a lot of local restaurant around that area that will open until 10pm). Ameyoko Market will still open until 8pm, so for me it was a great idea to explore the new area as well.

wasabi 2

Wasabi Pistachio

You can find a lot of Japanese local snack here with a bargaining price! The price were even cheaper compare to Don Quijote. Don Quijote is one of the largest chain store in Japan. It had everything about Japan! So if you were love wasabi I will suggest you to try this one! Here in Ameyoko Market I found the price was cheaper, but my advice will be the same go deeper in the market trust me on this one as well 🙂

wasabi 1

Wasabi tempura seaweed

Another my favorite Japanese local snack! Yup it’s Wasabi tempura seaweed and you will find it here more cheaper as well. Please be noted that this had the same feeling as when you eat wasabi, coz this is a real wasabi they used (for both of the pistachio and the seaweed) so if you were not a fan of wasabi then this is not the snack for you.

(Well you can actually do some prank to your friend who really hate wasabi tho 😀 )

We almost hit the last of my Tō (east) kyō (capital) Djournal, well maybe some of you still feel like you haven’t got much info about Tokyo coz I did not specifically explained you the itinerary like you will get from other travel blog, coz that was not my point since the very first beginning. This is about my travel Djournal which I will more than happy to share to all of you and it may not consist of my entire itinerary. I just want to show you the highlighted of every trip I done so it will not gonna bored you and to give you some reference.

Okay, now thank you for your understanding and last but not least let’s head up to Meguro River.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Meguro River during Sakura season

If you want to have one of the best spot to see Sakura in Tokyo (well first of all please do keep in mind that Sakura season’s in Tokyo was really short due to the moist of the city) then Meguro River is your place to be. I didn’t really know if most of the tourist knew about this, coz when I get there it’s almost as empty as the picture showed you. Fyi I arrived here at around 3pm. So it’s really a peaceful yet relaxed afternoon for us. We really enjoy our time there especially it’s spring time so the weather was really nice. Make sure you check on the date to know if the sakura was already in full blossom. Too bad we missed the full blossom by 5 days 😦

So I think we really hit the end of my Tō (east) kyō (capital) Djournal here. There will be no more sequal about Tokyo as I will work on my Kyoto Djournal. Well some of you might wonder I even haven’t write any other part of Tokyo for example the famous  Roppongi area, well as I told you that this Djournal is only the highlighted of my trip in Tokyo. I didn’t really share the whole itinerary here coz I didn’t want to be the same as the other travel blog. As Roppongi you can see it almost the same as Ginza. While I didn’t really want to bored you with a same different writing about places. So if I can’t satisfy you enough I was really sorry about that, thank you for reading this blog and see you in Kyoto! :))

go pro tokyo

Sayonara Tokyo!

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